Why do we need to focus on lesser known inventors?

There are always inventors that are making wonderful and sometimes crazy ideas come to life. Some will become very successful and go down into history as a great project. Others will end up being left by the wayside.

There are also many great inventions that come just after one another. Only one will win and it can in many instances be totally random which one wins. So we don’t know if the right invention made the cut or if it was just the result of having more powerful friends.

This means that a lot of great inventions, ideas and projects are lost and we have to start again.

The ancient Romans and the Chinese

Both the ancient Romans and the Chinese had made great inventions like plumbing, irrigation, fireworks, gun powder and so forth. Other ancient civilisations also had a lot of inventions that were lost when they were conquered by others.

If this knowledge had not been lost, who knows what could have happened?
And remember, this is only the knowledge that we have found traces of in modern time. There is probably a lot of other inventions that we have no knowledge of.

Not having to discover the wheel again

It is important to keep a good track of all the important and less important inventions that are out there. The big corporations of today are all for innovation and finding new solutions, however, it is rare that the individual or the team are credited with the discovery. So it is the company that gets the applause.

We want to work on a publishing platform and an information platform that gives all of the inventors and inventions credit and a place to showcase what they are doing.