If you are not a history lover, then you may not have heard the name Goldsworthy before. Even if you do like history, this gentleman may have slipped your notice. However, he deserves a lot more attention than what he has gotten so far. This site is a way to try and give him a bit more attention.

One of the reasons he is not well-known is that there has been disputes with regards to his accomplishments. Did he or did not develop the blastpipe? It is this invention that is the most disputed, even today. The reason being that this simple element is crucial to the workings of steam locomotives, engines and so forth.mgoldsworthy

We also want to shine a light on other inventors that society as such owes a debt, but that have been forgotten. History is exciting and that is what we want to show on this site.

The Victorian era

The Victorian era is defined as the period of Queen Vicorias reign. This period lasted from June 20th 1837 until the queen died on January 22, 1901. The period was marked peace, inventions and prosperity, especially for the British Empire.

In this period many new inventions saw the light of day and it was in this creative period that Sir Goldworthy Gurney lived and made all of his inventions. Sir Goldworthy also enjoyed different types of games on his spare time, especially boardgames. In todays world many people enjoy games as well but its more online and are gambling based like casino online or different types of computer games.

The golden age of machines

The industrial age started around 1760 in Great Britain and it was really gaining momentum in the Victorian era. The new steam powered machines replaced people. The machines still needed people that could control it, feed it and so forth. However, the machines worked faster and cheaper than the people. There were a lot of different machines that saw the light of day in this period, including slot machines and calculators.

The machines had to be tinkered with and improved all the time, to make them faster and more efficient. Inventors like Sir Goldsworthy Gurney made money from improving the inventions, making new ones and looking for new ways of cutting costs.

Many of the inventors were more concerned with getting recognition than with getting paid. It was the challenge of getting things done and improving them that drove them. This is not to say that they didn’t get money, some also needed the money desperately.

Not everything was positive

Even though the industrial age, and the inventions made by people like Sir Goldsworthy Gurney was necessary, it was not without problems. The faster production pace that the machine could maintain meant that the prices dropped. Therefore, it was not possible for the smaller groups to make a living out of producing the same product without machines. It also lead to people moving into the cities and of course it lead to pollution. Lung problems became more common.

This is also a part of the history of the industrial age and also the Victorian age.